About Us

We are Beverley and David Warrington.

We moved up to the North Pennines towards the end of 2020 as part of a lifestyle change that we had been planning even before the lockdown. 

We devised the plan while on holiday thinking 'there must be more to life than the 9-5'. We wanted more time for each other, and more time to make the most of this wonderful world. 

Beverley spent 20 years as an accountant, worked for many interesting places, and met many wonderful people. 

However, she assessed what she really wanted from life, and realised it wasn't finance. 

Instead, she has retrained as a life and career coach and a mindfulness teacher, using her skills to help others achieve the happiness she has found in her dream of Hill Top. She runs her coaching and mindfulness enterprises from home - Being You, which strives to help you be the best YOU you can be.

Beverley is also a stitching, felting and multi media teacher, running online courses via Being Ewe, with multiple ideas of selling kits, expanding her repertoire and other exciting things. Beverley is passionate about the mindful and mind-nurturing benefits of a spot of creativity, and believes everyone has the capacity to be creative and express themselves.

David still works his 9-5 job, which he loves. You'll never be able to part him from his tech gadgets. (Which is why the house has good wifi!) 

We share our home with two cats, a smattering of chickens and a hankering for sheep.

We look forward to sharing our home, the area and our expertise with you.


The House and Local Area