Information about the House

While we make every effort to make your stay amazing, there are some things we can't control - like the weather, or the fact that we're off-grid!


Both of these things are part of what make Hill Top a unique retreat. Expect the unexpected - we're on a hill, so it may get windy. It may rain - it is England, after all. The North Pennines are called the 'Roof of England'. 
However, none of this has prevented us from loving every minute of our life here. Rain stopping you from Afternoon Tea on the terrace? We have a plan! 

If you have any particular concerns or questions, please do ask us. See also the 'Blog' where we talk about some of our adventures here at  Hill Top Wellbeing and Mindfulness retreat.


Situated on the southern flank of Killhope Law (the hill behind us), this miner’s/farmer’s cottage is located at around 1800ft (550 metres) above sea level, making it the highest altitude accommodation property in the country.


The cottage is “off the grid”: electricity is provided by solar panels, a wind turbine, and a backup diesel generator if this is insufficient. You should have no worries about the stability of the electricity supply to the property, however it would be appreciated if guests kept the use of hair straighteners, hair driers and other non-essential, high-draw electrical appliances to a minimum during their stay.


The water supply for the cottage comes from a spring higher up the hill to the north of the property. The water system is fitted with a series of filters to ensure that it is completely clean. Further filtration is installed for drinking water and the quality is verified by the local authority as being safe and suitable for consumption.


You will notice some water discolouration resultant from its source on the peat moorland. Whilst this may seem unusual, it does not affect the suitability of the water supply for domestic use (washing-up and showering). The ultra filtered, clear water is provided for drinking, and is used for cooking.

Small Holding

On this smallholding there are currently a number of fully free-range chickens. The smallholding is also surrounded by lots of open access moorland which often has sheep grazing on it. Free range eggs are are included in your breakfast and are available for purchase.


While the summer months provide gorgeous clear days ideal for rambling walks and lunch at the local pub, the winter months bring a whole new perspective on country life, with an almost guaranteed appearance of snow each year. Winter guests are always welcome, but please bear in mind that if the snow has fallen, motor access to the house is restricted, and you may have to walk up the hill - part of the adventure of the house!


Access to the property is via around 500m of single track road off the A689. This track is quite steep in some parts. 2WD cars are easily able to use the track.

The guest room is on the first floor, and there are stairs.