A Walk in the Park

As part of our retreat offerings, we want to encourage you to go walking and make the most of this beautiful countryside.

Walking in nature provides so many science-backed benefits, but you probably already know that. Nature is known to lower blood pressure, boost your energy and immune function. It's good for your heart health and can help improve your brain function and reduce stress.

It can also be fun.

What's not to like?

Choosing where to walk can be a bit more tricky - how long will that take me, how high does it go, how difficult is it? Looking at an OS map of the area shows just how many paths and walks there are.

To help with this, we're going to be walking the walks for you.

We'll document our walks, put them together as an easy to follow walk with photos and directions, and rate them for you.

These will be laminated and in the guest room for your perusal and use - laminated for you to take with you on your walk.

Our house from the other side of the hill!

Our first walk started at the bottom of the hill at the Killhope Lead Mining Centre. It takes you up the other side of the valley, giving you glorious views of this house, and it's remote location. It was surprising to see that we're only halfway up the hill (despite being called 'Hill Top')! However, this walk didn't end very well, with a scramble across the river and up the bank on the other side up to the road that didn't feel very safe. So we've found you an alternative route!

It will take a bit of time to get a full library of these documented walks, so we'd better get our boots on!

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