Can you forecast the weather for us?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Ha. If you live in a country where the weather is as changeable as the UK's, you will be as obsessed with the weather as Britons are.

I have 5 weather apps on my phone, and check the forecast on a regular basis....!

There is no denying that the weather in the North Pennines - and especially in Killhope (pronounced 'Killup') is changeable. The changing weather and light is one of my favourite things about living here. It's always different. There's always something to look at. In fact, when it's bright sunshine - apart from the usual positives that lots of Vitamin D brings - the sky is less interesting!

However, the sun, when it does shine, lights up the dale and brings a sense of lightness and happiness to the whole area. It's also easier to explore, whether you prefer the two feet, two wheel or four wheel variety of exploring.

We moved here in December, and were then faced with two months of snowy winter. We now have a healthy respect for snow, the drifts, its beauty and how it slows everything down. Want to pop out for a loaf of bread? No. Plan ahead and make sure you've got spare in your ample freezer space. Our friendly neighbours gave us this advice, which we heeded. Thankfully, the worst we had to suffer was to use UHT milk when the fresh milk had run out.

When the snow finally melted, and Spring started to arrive, we saw some glorious weather:

Beautiful days of sunshine where all you want to do is to go exploring or sit outside on the patio and drink in the scenery,

Foggy days where you can't see anything except the house and immediate grounds, so we feel like we're in a fairytale or on a different planet,

Stormy days where the wind howls, and the rain pelts across the valley in sheets, and you feel grateful that Hill Top is short and squat, sitting out the storm, as it has done for 250 years.

Someone Scottish - and I can't remember who - once said that there's no bad weather, there's just a poor choice of clothing. If you want to go exploring here, you do need to be prepared. Bring your waterproofs and your sun screen!

Some of our activities on offer involve being outdoors. I love being outdoors - a great expanse of nature fills the soul and allows you to breathe deeply.

It may be that, at times, rain stops play. We'd love to be able to control this for you, but sadly, that's not in our arsenal of tools. If it does rain, we provide indoor alternatives.

We hope, in your stay, you can appreciate the might and majesty of the weather in all its forms, and come to see it as part of your stay in this beautiful, rugged and remote region of the UK.

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