The local roads

If you look at a map, we're bang slap in the middle of the North Pennine Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB). What on earth are the roads like? Well, obviously there are no motorways - that would defeat the object of an AONB.

Yes, there are tracks, and there is a track from the road up to our hill - more on that later.

There are a number of main roads that are kept in good working order by the local councils (Durham, Cumbria and Northumberland). In the winter, when we can be covered in several feet of snow, the councils, and local volunteers do an absolutely sterling job of gritting and ploughing these main roads. So, unless we have a Beast from the East (much of the unusually cold weather drifts in from the East, up through Weardale, towards us) we can reach the shops and doctors etc in Stanhope and then beyond into the 'normal' world!

Our closest shops are actually in Alston, over the hill, into Cumbria (about 15 minutes away). It's an absolutely beautiful drive, and we never tire of seeing it. However, it's not a hill I'd like to tackle on a cycle (myself, although we've watched people who have - those brave cycle C2C'ers!) or drive up in a snowstorm.

We do have a 4WD, for the bad weather, which gives us extra comfort. However, you don't need one to visit us. The track is quite steep but there are concrete tracks at its steepest parts, and then there is ample parking when you get here.

The photo below shows the track from the road to the house.

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