Hill Top Haven in Winter

Our main 'season' is May to October - this is when we are more likely to have better weather, and more light (for more exploring or view gazing from the terrace).

However, we are open during the winter.

You're very welcome to come and stay in the winter - there are some wonderful benefits to being here! Before you make your decision, we want you to know what you might find. Being as remote as we are, and as high as we are (at 550m/1800ft) we are on 'the Rooftop of England'. We're pretty much guaranteed snow!

There are even a couple of ski resorts in the area!

When it snows (or is icy), the track up to the house becomes impassable. We park at the bottom of the hill, and have to walk/up and down. It's good for fitness, but who cares when the views are so good!

If you're the adventurous type who isn't put off by this, then you'll be rewarded with an amazing experience. When it snows, it's beautiful. If you're lucky, you'll have some of those amazing days where the sun shines on the snow and life feels good.

It could be below freezing outside, but the thick walls of this old farmhouse means that we have fabulous heat insulation. It's a cosy, warm house.

Of course, it doesn't always snow. In all the conversations we've had with people who have lived here for years and years - when asked the question 'What are winters usually like?' we're told "There's no normal!"

As we don't have many bookings in the winter, you're welcome to keep an eye on the weather forecast and try and make a last minute booking.

You'll be warmly welcome with hot chocolate. If you book the Annex (to be opened May 2022), you will have a wood burning stove to keep you even more warm.

If you have any questions about coming to stay with us over winter, do give us a shout!

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