One for the Road

We have had a few queries about the state of the track up to our house, especially from bikers - and that's a good question!

When you first come across the track, it may look intimidating, but believe us - from experience - it's fine for 'normal' cars, and we frequently have visitors with all sorts of vehicles. Take it slowly on the gravel, and then give it some welly up the concreted hill track!

Below are some photos showing you the track, so you can make your own minds up.

Just so you know.... the bikers made it up in one piece :-)

There is a sign on the main road, so you know you've arrived - also look out for the post boxes and bins

The entrance, from the East (via Stanhope/St John's Chapel/the Mining Museum)

The entrance from the West (from Alston/Penrith/Hexham)

The track just after the gate is concreted, to help you get up the little hill. If the gate is closed (to keep the sheep off the road), please close it after you!

The track then turns to gravel, bends left and straightens up

The track is level, with the fence (and the house) to the left

The view of the house from the track (in the background). In the foreground is an old dilapidated barn.

At the mound of earth to your right (or as we call it, the lambs playground), you'll see a gate on your left. You turn in here

Just be careful of the little bump just before the gate, and the ditch on either side

You will see the house in front of you. The track turns right almost immediately. As soon as you're on the concreted bit, give it some welly to get up the hill

The track is concreted up the hill. Pass through the gap in the dry stone wall

As the ground levels out, it turns back to gravel/stone and bends left towards the house. In theory you can't get lost - there's only one way!

Et voila, you're arrived. At times, the gate to the grounds will be closed, to keep the sheep out - if you could close it behind you. Park wherever you see a space.

The main door is not the door at the end, but the one in the middle of the house!

If we don't spot you first, just come in and holler.

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